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LED Neon Flex

Basic Info  

Unique PVC jacket with high flexibility and totally UV resistant.  
Solution released for indoor and outdoor application.  
Energy saving & low heat dissipated.  
Reduced maintenance cost with long life time  
"Robust for worry-free transport and installation"  
1/10 the energy consumption of glass neon  
LED Neon Flex Slim Series :Ultra-Slim, easy for installtion 
LED Neon Flex Standard Series :Good luminance and performances for standard use. 
LED Neon Flex Super Bright Series :High luminance with reduced power consumption. 


LED Neon Flex Slim Series     :H23mm x L8mm
LED Neon Flex Standard Series     :H27mm x L12mm
LED Neon Flex Super Bright Series   :H28mm x L13mm

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